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Discover a new dimension in quality control. Avoid costly errors with ease.

With our innovative method, you can effortlessly avoid development and serial surprises. Learn how we can help you optimize your production processes and increase the quality of your products.

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The hidden truth

Engineers face unconfirmed assumptions and hidden information!

Product failure

Defective parts or components can lead to product failure, which can result in higher costs for repairs, recalls or warranty claims.

Production delays and downtime

Production time delays can result in significant costs and jeopardize the time-to-market schedule.

Kosten für Nacharbeit und Ausschuss

Defective products or components can bring about unexpected costs for rework and scrap.

Bring light into the darkness and reduce your expenses!

Cost reduction & time saving

48h - First results are usually available within shortest time.

Fast & early defect detection

to eliminate hidden quality defects in series production or development

Increase of sustainability

Minimization of reject parts and recalls, CO2 reduction,
1 defect part sufficient for analysis as we work non-destructively.

Transparent communication

"a video says more than a thousand pictures"



Through the videos it was possible to see thebehaviour of the products under realThe videos made it possible to check the behaviour of the products in real-life conditions and to draw conclusions about potential problems. As a result, we were able to design our products more robustly and avoid complaints, which in the end led to significant cost savings

Christian Prellwitz

Head of department test and predevelopment

Through the analysis we were able tosave valuable time and simplify the presentation and communication of complex problems! 

Dr. Thomas Kunstfeld

Head of department trial

In the moving video analysisvaluable information that we had available within a short time.within a short time. This showed usoptimisation potential that we would not have been able to find out with any other method. 

Michael Ußfeller

Manager Project Development




Discussion and detailed planning

Discuss the specifications of your product or component with us. Bring your test specimen to our laboratory.


Dynamic video recording

Get an overview of all motion sequences in your product or component and you determine which product components should subsequently be analysed in more detail.


Comprehensive evaluation

Get videos, snapshots and in-depth analysis on the defined details.



Overview video incl. filter

In an initial overview video, various parts, components and ROIs (regions of interest) can be checked in a very short time. > Watch video

Comparison diagrams

By comparing an O (OK) and a nO (not OK) component or a so-called "golden sample", differences and possible defects can be identified in a very short time.

Material representations

Components consisting of different materials can be optimally displayed by using different filters. In this way, components made of plastics as well as metallic components can be distinguished from each other and assessed individually.

Detailed images

Due to the high-resolution hardware we use, even high magnifications and detailed images are possible without any problems.

Checking gear overlaps

X-ray video analysis can also be used to check gears and their overlap during operation.

Checking bearings

One of the most common applications of X-ray video analysis is the inspection of bearing points (e.g. axle or engine bearings) during operation. In an X-ray video, an undesired relative movement is usually immediately visible.


Checking plug connections

The mating process during production or during subsequent use of the components can also be displayed and checked more transparently using X-ray video analysis.

Measuring gap dimensions in operation

In addition to the internal visual inspection based on the X-ray videos, it is possible to measure individual gap dimensions and thus obtain precise conclusions about the subsequent adaptation of the products.

Further analyses by arrangement

We would be happy to work out further analysis options for your product with you. 





Plan, profit and scale together

We also act with you as a partner from science or industry: together we complement X-ray-based solutions and create access to new sound possibilities in product analysis.

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Frequently asked questions

Your question is not listed? Write us,we are happy to help!!

We will be happy to advise you individually. Please feel free to call us at +49 1520 576 5010 or fill out the contact form - we will be happy to get back to you.

The resolution is 1,000 x 1,000 pixels. In the video, the elements are resolved between 0.04-0.2mm/pixel. Experience shows that a high resolution is not absolutely necessary to identify the cause of the defect in the component. Please feel free to call us and we will discuss personally which application possibilities are available.

As a customer, you will receive the X-ray videos as well as a PowerPoint presentation including a results presentation about your components. The results will be discussed in a personal meeting.

  1. Fault detection in the early development phase
  2. Fast defect analysis within 48h and long-term defect prevention
  3. Information about the real ACTUAL movement of your component
  4. Increase of competitiveness
  5. Minimization of complaints
  6. Derivation of improvement potentials
  7. Verification of assumptions instead of trial-and-error principle
  8. Minimization of development and quality costs

We work with an acquisition speed of about 32 fps. Analysis with more fps is also possible. Experience from completed projects shows that a high frame rate is not absolutely necessary to identify the cause of the defect in the component. Low fps are already sufficient to check e.g. the gap dimension, tilting effects, relative movements, bearings and much more. We would be happy to discuss individually which application possibilities are suitable for your product.

We currently work with an installation space of 400 x 400 x 400 mm and a maximum weight of 10 kg. However, the use of a larger installation space and higher weight classes are also possible. Please feel free to call us for more information.

An initial presentation of the overall dynamics is possible within 48 hours (provided that the product can be set in motion in the test chamber).

Further analyses depend on the respective interest in knowledge. In principle, however, it can be stated that a core benefit of the method lies in the very quickly available results compared to alternative analysis options.

In principle, it is possible to delineate different substances from one another. Furthermore, there are always possibilities to optimize the visibility.

A simple initial overview video of the product facilitates an assessment here. Together, we then assess the components for which visibility would need to be further increased.

The components are currently only analyzed at our site in Velbert. We would be happy to arrange for the parts to be picked up at your location.

Direct intervention in the component during the analysis is not possible due to the X-rays present. However, we can simulate many desired motion sequences or external influences by means of operating elements in the X-ray chamber (e.g. pressing a button or pulling a handle, etc.).

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